Due Diligence in Moving to a Bundled Solution (including Master Trusts)

Sponsoring employers and trustees need independent advice on their pension arrangements. Such advice is essential before making any significant change to existing pension arrangements. Moving to a master trust, or other bundled solution, is often presented as a simplification of existing arrangements. However, before undertaking such a move, employers and trustees need to fully considerContinue reading “Due Diligence in Moving to a Bundled Solution (including Master Trusts)”

Seminars on Wind-Up and Transfer of Pension Schemes

Fitzgerald Actuarial in conjunction with Zurich were delighted to hold pension seminars in Cork and Limerick in December 2019, focusing on the challenge of pension scheme restructuring through wind-up and transfer. The presentations highlighted the forces that Fitzgerald Actuarial envision leading to a transformation of the Irish pension scheme market, underlining the importance of projectContinue reading “Seminars on Wind-Up and Transfer of Pension Schemes”

IORP II & Data Integrity

The Chinese proverb “May you live in interesting times”, may not seem like a good introduction to the passing of further legislation affecting pension plans, but with so many changes afoot times are definitely getting most interesting. In this article, John Grant takes a look at why data integrity should be at the top ofContinue reading “IORP II & Data Integrity”