Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Since the inception of Fitzgerald Actuarial Limited in 2012, Insurance Consulting (life and non-Life) has been at the core of its work. From the start we have worked with insurers in Ireland and the Isle of Man. Projects have included risk solvency assessments, Solvency II modelling & consulting, board risk training, product development, regulatory submissions and merger and acquisitions advice. We also provide consultancy services on systems migrations.

To provide a fuller flavour of the projects worked on, please see a sample project list below.

Own Risk Solvency Assessment

Risk Investigations

Solvency II Consulting / Modelling

System Migrations Consultancy

Preparations of Submissions for authorisation of new insurers

Product Design

Financial Modelling

Illustrations Specification

Board Risk Training

Production of annual returns and business plans for regulators

As markets and legislation change, so will the projects that we undertake on behalf of life insurers and non-life insurers.