Community Support Resources

Community Support Resources


A green tree underlines corporate social responsibility as a key tenet of Fitzgerald Actuarial

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is an increasingly important topic

in today’s business world, as the corporate sector demonstrates a growing awareness of its role

in the wider social community, and how both can work together for mutual benefit.




The butterfly logo of the dedicated community support resources of Fitzgerald ActuarialCommunity Support Resources is the CSR programme of Fitzgerald Actuarial, which provides support and assistance to local non-profit groups specifically in relation to their creative community programmes for vulnerable people. For Fitzgerald Actuarial Limited, the CSR ethos can be summed up as: A commitment built on humanitarian values, and a belief that doing good in the community is good for business.”

Based on a profound belief in the importance of social inclusion, and of personal empowerment through creativity and skill-building, this is a unique initiative which recognises and supports the work of local, people-focused, not-for-profit community organisations.


  • Supporting people-focused initiatives
  • Supporting programmes making a positive difference in the daily lives of vulnerable people
  • Belief in the benefits of creative practice, skill-building and personal expression
  • Belief in the benefits of community and social inclusion
  • Giving a voice and place of welcome to those who are often isolated and can go unseen and unheard in society


A range of support resources for local social programmes helping people in difficulty.

A reflection of teamwork, assistance in the community through the Community Support Resources initiative



  • Project planning & development assistance
  • Local community & arts contacts & networking
  • Workshop & creative programme development/assistance
  • Project funding assistance
  • Grant/funding application assistance
  • Event planning & promotion
  • Social media support & connection
  • Fundraising events support and assistance
  • Community resources research
  • Communication systems design & support
  • Media material, PR & promotion
  • Volunteer & HR sourcing & advice
  • Design & artistic input


We have worked closely with organisations helping connect people within our local community in Cork.

In particular we have worked with

  • BetterTogether 
  • The Next Step Arts Group 
  • Shine
  • Cork City Libraries
  • ThinkSpeakDo
  • Cork City of Sanctuary Network

We are proud to be associated with the ongoing Conversation Café initiative in conjunction with the Cork City Library Services which is connecting people throughout our diverse community.

SomeRiseSomeFall: Music for the Human Condition – a music project with leading local singer-songwriters, which produced a charity album ‘Some Climb’ on FITZZ Records (a business name of Fitzgerald Actuarial Limited) and raised funds and awareness via showcase performances and social media videos.

Donna Rose has recently joined as CSR Co-Ordinator.

Michael Fitzgerald is the owner/director of Fitzgerald Actuarial Limited, a private company with an ethos founded in a belief that business and a strong social conscience need not be mutually exclusive.